Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Academic Language Assessment Week 39 - School year

Students may not feel like they quite deserve a longer school year, but it's not a matter of what they deserve, but what they need. According to Yahoo News, students enjoy summer vacation, but when time comes for school to start, students remember almost nothing from the previous year. This shows that a shorter summer break, with possibly longer breaks throughout the year, may help students improve their learning. Also, this goes to show what students do over the summer, most students choose to partake in fun activities other than educational ones. According to Yahoo News, students tend to get bored over the summer and eventually find negetive activities to partake in. Which tends to weaken their learning abilities. This shows that substances such as drugs an alcohol play a negetive part in students education. This also shows that kids don't always know right from wrong and a longer school year could keep many teens out of trouble. In conclusin, a longer school year in highly praised by many higher school officials and is being discussed as an option for the future.

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