Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Academic Language Assessment Week 39 - School year

Students may not feel like they quite deserve a longer school year, but it's not a matter of what they deserve, but what they need. According to Yahoo News, students enjoy summer vacation, but when time comes for school to start, students remember almost nothing from the previous year. This shows that a shorter summer break, with possibly longer breaks throughout the year, may help students improve their learning. Also, this goes to show what students do over the summer, most students choose to partake in fun activities other than educational ones. According to Yahoo News, students tend to get bored over the summer and eventually find negetive activities to partake in. Which tends to weaken their learning abilities. This shows that substances such as drugs an alcohol play a negetive part in students education. This also shows that kids don't always know right from wrong and a longer school year could keep many teens out of trouble. In conclusin, a longer school year in highly praised by many higher school officials and is being discussed as an option for the future.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What if cows gave root beer instead of milk?

If cows gave root beer instead of milk than many people would be undernourished and diabetic. According to energyfriend.com, there are 49 grams of sugar in 12 ounces of root beer. If every person drank root beer instead of milk there would be a dramatic increase for people containing diabetes. Not only does root beer promote diabetes, but it also promotes cavities and gingivitis. People need milk to survive. If milk was eradicated from the planet there would be no diary products what so ever. Also milk is a main source of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps build bone and cartilage tissues, without it we would be very weak. In conclusion, milk is a vital nutrient and without it we would be unable to function properly.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Should parents be held accountable for their child's damage?

Parents should not be held accountable for their child's damage to property. According to Debate.org, "Teens are, arguably, cognitively aware of their surroundings when they reach the teenage years." (link). This shows that teens have the competency to know right from wrong. This also shows that teens should be held responsible when it comes to vandalism or destruction of property. Teens need a SPECIFIC punishment to learn their lesson instead of having others take the blame. According to Debate.org, "It is unfair for parents of teen vandals to be held responsible because they can not control everything a child does." (link). This shows that teens have their own mind, their own way of thinking, and if you punish their parents, they will believe that it is something they can get away with. This also shows that parents, school officals, or even the law can COMPUTE ideas that will make it to where teens won't want to vandalize things, but in the end they are their own person and you can't control everything a person does. In conclusion,in order to ACHIEVE the goal of truly understanding teens and truly giving them fair punishment, you must give them the responsibilities.

Should schools eliminate "D" grades?

Since I am one among many students who are college bound, eliminating the "D" grade would not affect me. Students who choose to go to college have to get grades higher than a "D" anyway.  SO therefore, eliminateing the "D" grade would benefit students because it gives them a chance to basically see if they are going to fail or not. This shows that students have a higher chance of succeeding if they know that they have a chance to get into college with "C"'s. "B"'s, or an "A". If they have an automatic "F" then they will be motivated to do better, knowing they aren't going to graduate. This is one major benefit of eliminating "D" grades.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do yo watch TV? If so, what is your favorite show?

I don't watch TV that often because I am normally busy during the day. If I ever do get a chance to watch TV or if I get a break from school, my favorite TV show is Modern Family. I like this show because it is extremely funny and it also relates to real life situations that happen in everyday life. If I had to pick my favorite character it would most likely be Cam Tuker because he is absolutely hilarious! Him and his partner Mitchell Pritchett are the parents of four year old Lily. Their family is very funny and is probably my favorite  Although, if I had to pick a character I am most like, it would definitely be Alex Dunphy. I am most like her because she is very smart and focuses a lot on school. She is also sarcastic and very funny at times. Whenever I am having a bad day and if I have time, I watch Modern Family because it puts me in a better mood. This is my absolute favorite show!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What makes your best friend your best friend?

My best friend is absolutely AMAZING! He knows exactly how to make me feel better when I am down, he has the best personality and he always keeps me entertained. When I need someone to talk to, I know that he is always there, and whenever I just want company, he is the first person I would go to. Though I have only really known him for a few years, we have become the bestest friends! He is hilarious and absolutely ridiculous. He does the most random things and that's hat makes him so amazing. He teaches me things everyday and he is even a little protective at times. He is my best friend, but also like an older brother to me. I am so grateful to have him in my life!

What would happen if there were no television?

If there were no television life would be a lot simpler. No television would force people, but mostly children and teens, to be more active. Like playing football, soccer, even play tag or hide-and-seek. This would affect people in a positive way. For example, child obesity has taken a toll on today's society. Children these days have grown fond of TV, video games and cellphones, making it almost impossible for parents and other adults to encourage their children to do more activities. If their were no such thing as TV then children would be forced to find something to do with their time. Some people can argue that TV is actually good for children because it teaches them things as well as keeps them busy. Some may say that if there was no TV then children may find joy in negative activities including drugs and alcohol. Others who argue this, say that watching television is the reason kids think of experiencing those negative activities. If the television characterizes these activities as "fun" or "exciting" then of course children would want to indulge in the experience. Therefore, television does not always benefit us. In fact, if television was eradicated from this world, then people would live a lot simpler and have a happier life.